Thursday, February 21, 2013

This does not belong to me; the words, the colors, the sentence structures, the implied absolute honest plea. But what I do own, is the creative ability to re-assemble and colorize these ... tenets? Feel free to copy a tenet from me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

circumstances not called for

everyday is different. sometimes the same problems attach themselves to us. either through habits or our environment. i need a moment of clarity to simplify my own mind. and then i remember ... small minds are subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them.

when a mind rises above something, the process is visible. [although a physical state may take a while to catch up]. its not like me to encourage brevity of mind. but today i manifest a helpless exception. expounding on the title will only re-inforce the dark, and i'm only interested in moving past it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its definitely NOT the beginning

far removed from the injustice's many people accept as life, I now sit. when the sun goes to sleep, it actually moves beneath the horizon of my patio, it's an awesome feeling; waking up a little blinded by the last thing you saw as you fell asleep. i'm due to leave these shores soon. but like a marriage, sailing around the world in a freakin' awesome yacht, is a serious undertaking. thankfully i seem to have been provided with the type of people everybody wishes they could have. sincere, diligent ... emotional creatures.

now there's alotta talk about the ''invisible energy'' americans call it daylight, africans call it heat, europeans call it ''mine'' ... but it's ok because nowadays, everybody knows, thats what europeans like to call everything. [my career as a stand-up comedian is actually something i am considering now], but before september need to get a few months of ... non-fluidic mental chao-bservations onto an expressible media.

my hair is longer now and i've actually joked about letting it grow 2-stories long. such a reality would surely need to visit at least all major seaports on the planet ... there's a story here, and a vibe that cant be explained all the time with words. but such things have been contemplated since ''in the beginning'' ...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

to wake up in the bahamas

have no mistake. i didn't know what day, month, season, and for a moment there, year ... it was. this does not mean to give credit to any of the sweet aromas ... did i say sweet? perish the connection ... intensely insane scents, that an ''island in the sun'' can have. the local farmers seem to be well paid, and agrilculturists have seemingly become more connected to the processes necessary to sustain a viable working economy.

this paragraph was supposed to be first. it should be every vacationer's dream to wake up somewhere special. i did and i do regularly. if there's an honest mistake. its right there and i'm doing it. regularly. i think the point might be lost, but i'm talking about deciding which island is lovelier over the next. no. this is not a promotional ad for the government, i do not have the minister of tourism's email address although i think i could find it online ... if i really wanted it ... but then he'd just laugh out loud ... [lol] ... at the notion of writing me a cheque ... not because he's got bad credit ... heck no ... his credit is good ... this year. (circa 1997- present)

they [we, voters] change them all the time. i guess its like heaven for those guys. and that's why i took the time out today to see if typing about heaven (as i guess i can use the term to define the thought i wanna realize when i figure out that i'm dead already ... oh) this may stem from an unwritten term paper i was going to turn in after my literature teacher asked me to write a funny advertisement, so i chose ''a funeral home having a two-fer-one deal''. of course i got a c ... but "my idea of heaven", does sound like a cool creative game ... that may require full family participation.

in heaven a person can see themselves exactly as they want to, of course ... why not? of course why not, unless you're in hell and you don't realize it. [re-evaluate] ... pending

in heaven, the sun will be a star, that i can visit when i feel the need to cool off, if not the sun around this planet, then some other sun, or star, or whatever term creatures be calling it by. i'll meet things for sure, but why would any of them want to harm me? such intentions are below beings of like-mind. so 'i'm dead and this is heaven. i guess heaven is a term for the ''change'' from physical to ... other spectrum of light. i don't need a body to exist, although having a body is fun, can be fun ... circa AD1 so no need for food, its time for ??? thought?

i read somewhere that the universe is mental, but it wasn't in some secret library in the Bahamas, the one that also was something else a hundred years ago. a prison .. the prison .. it was tiny a hundred years ago. i wonder which government was in power then ... i must not speak of myth ... but i believe i was prime minister then, and i got re-incarnated to try to see if i can do it again. but I'm on vacation right now, and i woke up not knowing what day or month .. or season. today .. like yesterday .. and the day before .. was awesome for folks on New Providence ... again. as usual. [more Europeans landed today] but i was not at the airport to greet them. it never was something I felt inclined to participate in ... though a rose by another name might shock the hell outta you. try saying 'clitoris' anywhere a ''rose'' is spotted ... we do have an insane asylum though .. i do admit.

well of course after a while the joker was sent here to sandilands, those who understand. he was molested by a 35 year old jungalist, and quite frankly never was the same after that. last i heard '68 busted him out and there was supposed to meet on the island where the fountain of youth was ... but they moved the fountain before they met up in time ... '68 got caught and the joker went back to the jungalists' hillside [the place is off the chain] luxury ... living spot. if a hurricane hit us ... they'd have a high-def .. view of it.

i think there is a ministry of jungalism, its underground and off the chain. i dont give shout outs ... and i think people who do them on the radio are living in ... a twisted logic of verbage and intent. but all the ladies know ... jungalism ... is a state of mind ... (see c. g. jung, well-known psychologist, i prefer to think of him as a psychotic psychologist) .

although pronounced very differently, its culture exists across borders and is united by bright colors, and beautiful speech patterns often un-distinguishable yet enjoyable to the ears. why cant there be jungalists in heaven? heck i'd want them to exist [i think?] i mean but they'd all get to be what they'd want to be ... and i cannot impose a culture on an individual ... just because of a selfish desire, that would be un-dead-of-me-like ???

of course explaining this to a child can be a creative parents dream come true, most would rather you eat your [fast food restaurant and toy here] and get to the non-baby making fun of humanly existence, wow no sex in heaven? that doesn't sound like very many people may want this dead thing after all. and that's what they mean by ''the good die young'' of good age .... i think wars are designed to keep the young men from developing their understanding of all things sacred.

how many countless soldiers are fighting for revenge? like a million? all over the planet, the nature of mankind is violent. but violence does not bring about peace. and peace is what i woke up to ... today, like yesterday ... in a minute i hope to blink my eyes and be on another island. i should make that my official follow up duty. i am trying to decide between ''hillside off the chain'', ''deep water diving and swim school'', ''bayside bar and grill'', or ''the reggae Hermitage'' ... that place i guess, can also be a ''personal'' heaven.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Few Sources

i call them sources, but they are more like repositories. i am about to update my tech and i figured here was as good a place as any, to put em up for future reference. this information and these sources do not belong to me. i refuse to accept responsibility for any of your experiments even if they go horribly well ...

[winterboard] : crystal voice
[icy] :
[cydia] :

these are all i have at present and its a bit too long to memorize, for those who want further explanation of these; they are digital sources for an iphone or similar device that can access the internet to better themselves ... the human equivalent would be very difficult to co-relate indeed. [my english lecturer would tell me use correlate ... and miss my point]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I was ill, but I am still getting better.

for quite some time now, western medicine/culture has been engaged in a cold war battle with eastern medicine/culture. the reason for it, although necessary, has not been looked at, to enhance a unified value system of both medicine and culture. the fight is elementary and invisible. modern day sherlock holmes would be no more important than ... what-his-indian-face name again.

the amount of information humans are not aware of is enough to stop his heart, if it was to be tried to be applied to his normal body. no, a normal body and a brain can only be aware of 'so much'... evolution has it's safety precautions seemingly still in place. [i mean no disrespect earlier, but i have not been made aware yet of many western teachers who were masters of wisdom and vessels of enlightenment].

the internet will be that which our minds now, cannot imagine will transform the generations of our future. it is with deepest sincerity that i apologize for not being able to create a video form [following this example] however as soon as i acquire more information i hope to connect audio, visually, and lithographically ... or writing .. i don't know the term, catographically ... lol. in english until i understand Sumerian and possibly keep record in that form.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

theory of the universe

every human being on the planet falls into an ''either or'' category at most .. if not all points of time in their lives. Of our meager earthly mileage (the earth has been here a long time before we were ->fact) ... this meager mileage has terrified us to the point of mass awareness by a few ... and mass hypnosis on the other. 2012 or december 21st 2012 to be more precise ... seems to be the day in our calendar,where we are supposed to ... [all the living anyway I cant seem to figure out what happens to the dead yet ...] face death ... and with 90 percent of the population perishing ... because we did not invest in science and truth as we should have.

And for that we must call this day [or if the calculations are off ... then that day]... a day of truth. Not merely because some of us will be caught off guard ... 90 percent of us. And interestingly another 90 percent of us are going to be in the wrong place ... well I know its scary but truth is the only light in a dark cave. I think. So biological chemical ... nuclear death, water death ... fire death, all kinda death ... but lets all pray that the forecasters are wrong. But I think a human that does not learn himself or herself or themselves [seeing as we have the tendency to pair off into male – female - female – female - female – female - female relationships ... ] will undoubtedly otherwise be either doing something ... and make a ''God given'' choice to do it /:?... and are gonna choose otherwise. That the major way I can really see how 90% of the planet cannot feed itself.

The earth is a planet [=rock] located in space [sector quadrant :?unknown] ... we are currently in orbit around a bright sun [=dot] along with a few other planeets. That dot is wonderful but to think it doesnt wander around another dot would be asinine ... so guess what guys ... the rock that we are on is and awesomely fast rock ... it has been here for us when we needed it ... its not going to be here forever .... now it just so happened that our rock around a dot ... wasnt the only one in existence ... there being billions of dots we can see everytime we can afford to build better telescopes. Now we call ourselves human ... without ever knowing why, we sleep and get up and do the things we do without ever wondering why. We can ignore the ideas we choose to and have the ones we focus on. We are lost as a species when our leaders do not excel in the field of the humanities and the arts.

This is ''neuroscience'' .. the study of the human brain. I am no authority on the subject but in its practicalities I have been studious far more than the person who is blissfully considered aware of his own averages. Our current physiology was designed ... and has evolved during our duration and acclimation to this rock' that circles that dot ... etc. etc. the survival of the species depends on its leaders. Of course this cannot be proved ... but merely speculated as having the closest value to what highly educated men speculate as truth. Print. Are our leaders as ill advised as this sentence can be both read, and heard, and understood? but I say both ... but its actually three [fact].

Three is a number but it is also a concept employed to many constructs such as math .. and geometry ... duh. But also of music and art. There are three sides to every coin ... I get it. Many wont. Some do. Others wont. And then there will come a time when ... nobody actually cares anymore. hi. Welcome to the planet that we are stealing from others while they steal it from us. And I dont mean aliens, or extra-terrestrials. I dont know what I saw, but the energy I sensed was that the being knew I had already thought of losing in battle to it. This weak minded thinking is what happens when brain functions are offf balanced. I feel honeored to belong to an age of science and witness information becoming as instant as heaart attacks. Thats the cardio-vascular section ... three halls over from this quadrant now.

People who do not understand how themselves as a creature behaves can get caught up in a veil of dis-humanity and call it their own. And many call 'love' the answer ... love is no answer. Well I am sure that it is an answer in the grammatical sense. But not in the ''understood'' .. or ''practical'' sense. Imagine if you will ... a man was given the task to understand something and develop a practical implication of his ideas as it relates to his understanding.

Voice: ... [pause] if you wanted it, you would have gotten it. I have many and I am sure youre questions are few. I will not let you die before you get a chance to question me. But I am trying to see. You see I cant see ... and I cant talk unless you are very ... very ... very much paying attention to me. The best way to describe me is the ... ok picture yourself having three eyes as a baby ... and by the time youre born your parents are happy to see you because your third eye is no longer seen.

*that pesky voice. It reminded me of a computer program. There is consciousness in the strangest places''

....Yeah so the story goes we are like what we do. If we are smart enough to breed dogs we are dumb enough not to appreciate the beauty of ourselves being bred and .. designed. And interbred. Love is ... if love was the feeling that comes over people when incest occurs then human royalties might love each other very much ... and interdimensions would be easily seen in humand had a third eye ... that might triangulate its exact position in the universe and embrace the consciousness it supposes ... waits for its death.

So it scares its self to happiness with religion and the belief system. A belief system of so few .. among so many how dare it not claim oppression. Why is it that the highest religious are the greatest oppressed .. yin yang. Not the twins. Sorry guys. We will party with you guys again soon fo real. But if a persons brain is imibalanced ... the scientist that needs 200 years of research to come to a neurological conclusion .. is by far more important than any who just wanted to fly into space. It is my last position that I accept the path that I have chosen to find out this information and concede the fact that I do have the tools in my life now to promote this message. I have thus only to tag this note.

Not knowing .. or caring of what you are .... is a product of genetic manipulation. [fact = currently held in highest rank and regard as truth, ie. not yet a lie]